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Yoga Classes in English Kyiv Печать E-mail


I invite English-speaking seekers of spiritual growth to learn more about the practice that is both ancient and at same time modern, that develops one’s body and transforms one’s inner word, that is performed alone yet improves the relations with other people.
I invite you to attend the ‘Introduction to Yoga’ course.
The first block consists of three classes that shall take place on March 17, 24 and 31. The next block shall start on April the 14th with the classes held on the 21st and 28th of the same month. 
The classes focused on detailed explanation of asanas, pranayamas and energy principals shall be held once per week on Tuesdays, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. 
The fee is 500 UAH per a block of three classes; the attendance of one trial lesson is 200 UAH.
Registration before the class is required. 
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Please repost for those who may be interested in practicing yoga in English.


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