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Records of yoga are found in the most ancient scripts. And even they already call it ancient. Greatest cultures and empires were born and destructed since these records were made. However yoga isnt associated with something archaic or remote it seems something usual, harmonically interlaced with our life. Yoga is in fashion again did you happen to hear it? How many times in your life?

There is hardly anyone who has never heard of yoga. Almost everybody will claim, he can explain what it is. But can he really do it? And why are all explanations so different?

The word yoga is now used everywhere: from religious communities to circus acrobats. No other brand would stand such a ruthless exploitation. But yoga does...

So what is the paradox of yoga? Maybe it is in its democracy and polysemy. Everyone discovering this ancient knowledge sees it slightly in his own way, refracting the light of yoga in his mind. And yoga forgives it, because even the refracted light is still the light.

The spirit of yoga is the spirit of research and freedom; and every searching soul, if sincere in its aspirations, touches this spirit.

Andrey Safronov


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