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New registration to 'Yoga in English' classes for expats on Podol!

We are starting from the 20th of February and shall be meeting every Monday from 7:30 until 10:00 p.m.

I invite people who speak neither Russian nor Ukrainian but speak English, those who are interested in deep understanding of their self and personal evolution, to come to my ‘Yoga in English’ classes.

Our yoga practice consists of:
- work with physical (Sthula Sharira) and vital (Prana Sharira) bodies. There are a number of instruments that we use for this work: asanas, kriyas, bandhas, sukshma vyayama and pranayamas, and their effect is much better when we understand the theory of their operation; 
- study of cleansing method for taking care of health and finding one’s personal way of healthy nutrition; 
- work with emotions (Linga Sharira) by studying body language, learning principles of energy interaction between people, understanding the methods of chakras developing and mediations.
The principles that I teach are aimed at working on oneself not only on the mat but also beyond it.

Please come 15 minutes before the class to have enough time to change clothes and get prepared for your practice. We work in the group once per week, and I recommend that you do hatha yoga yourself at least one time in between our classes.

Where: The classes are held in Podol, in just 5-minute walk from Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station, at 12, Kyrylivska (Frunze) str., 2nd floor, in "Yoga Zal". Please see the map to learn the route. 
Right after entering the building please dial up "1" on the entry phone (wall-mounted on the left). Having heard the sound of door opening, please come inside, turn left and take the stairs up to the second floor. There you will see a lilac door. Please enter inside, turn right and then turn left to the next lilac door. There is a changing room there and our homelike gym where we shall have our classes.

Needful things: You need a yoga mat; if you don’t have one yet, please let me know so that I could provide you with a mat in the gym. Take comfortable clothes: a t-short and a sport jacket, leggings or yoga-trousers and socks. In addition, I recommend that you have a notebook and a pen for putting down new information.

The number of people in classes: Now we are going to start a group holding not more than seven people; that is why registration for classes is required.

How much: the fee is 200UAH per class.

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